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Thompson Family Office

Washington DC/Virginia, USA - Dubai, UAE

Creating and Sharing Wealth for a Higher Purpose

Who We Are
With a family history spanning back to the 1700s, the Thompson family has been associated with serving both the community in Virginia and building entrepreneurial business ventures with the investment discipline and management excellence to preserve and grow wealth over a number of generations. The Thompson Family Office is an enterprise that originated in Richmond, Virginia, with deep faith- based roots in Virginia and Washington, DC and continues to expand its global impact investment reach with like-minded Family Offices, Aligned Investment Partners, and Strategic Advisors across the Middle East, Asia, South America, and Europe.  

Domain Sector Expertise
The Thompson Family Office has a successful history of investing, divesting, and operating businesses across many different industries including telecommunications, television production, banking, retail, services, manufacturing and real estate. 

Strategic Initiatives
During the past two decades, the Thompson Family Office has also pursued and invested in strategic land acquisitions south of Washington DC along Virginia’s “urban crescent”. Specifically, the Thompson Family Office has assembled over 2200 acres of land in one of the most strategic areas of the United States while closely liaising with Federal, State, and local officials to create, position, and fully entitle what is now one of the most unique real estate projects in the country. Washington DC South is positioned to become a World Class Sustainable Smart City project unlike anything of its kind. Investing for impact and purpose remain the enduring values and legacy of the Thompson Family Office.  

Our Management Team

Litt Thompson

Managing Partner

Tommy Thompson


Paul Gyra

Managing Partner

Gavin Thompson


Strategic Advisors

Daryl Heald

Strategic Advisor

Jonson Sun

Strategic Advisor

Middle East Advisory Team

Amin Al- Rashid

UAE Advisor

Timothy Mak

UAE Advisor

Max Schott

UAE Advisor

Safa Hijazeen

UAE Impact Investment Advisor


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